Our Values

Our values tell everyone who we are as an organisation. Our values make sure that our focus is clear for the challenges and opportunities ahead and remind us what we all stand for. Our values are evident in everything we do, how we do it and how we work together.

These are not just words on a wall, we live these every day in all our work. We are Determined to make a difference when and where it matters most, by being passionate, focussed and making a lasting impact for people living with Dementia.

Every one of us is a Trusted expert, listening, learning and using evidence and experience. We are Better together by being open, combining our strengths, helping us to achieve more together. We are Compassionate, we are kind and honest, and we don’t shy away from challenges.

Through our values we will make the greatest difference for people living with Dementia. Whether you are someone living with dementia, a family member or carer, a supporter, a donor, a colleague from another organisation, an employee or a volunteer, these four values will shape your experience with Alzheimer’s Society.



Our Focus

Everything we do is shaped by people living with Dementia. Their knowledge and experience is critical to bringing about real world solutions. From choosing the most promising research through to telling their stories to raise awareness; they are the heart of this organisation.



Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

We want Alzheimer’s Society to be an inclusive workplace, where everyone we work with, as a colleague, volunteer, supporter, or someone we support, feels that they belong.

We imagine a world where all LGBTQIA+ people are free to be themselves and can live their lives to the full. Inclusive workplaces have a huge part to play in making this a reality.

We recognise EDI is a key priority. Our commitment to equality, diversity, inclusion and belonging is demonstrated, in part, by our dedicated resources and our continued commitment to ensuring our policies, guidance and training are reflective of, and implement the feedback of, our diverse workforce. We have subject matter experts across the Alzheimer’s Society, led by our Associate Director of Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging and we hold each other to account in creating a safe working environment where everyone in our organisation is valued and respected. The sponsor for our EDI work is our CEO, Kate Lee.

Our lived experience networks provide safe spaces for our colleagues to speak up, share their experiences and ideas and help us to continuously improve our approach to workplace EDI.

Lived Experience Networks

We believe lived experience networks are a brilliant way to help organisations become more inclusive and to help our people feel safe, valued, and contribute to improving our approach to workplace EDI.

Networks are huge assets to any organisation and at Alzheimer’s Society these include LGBTQIA+ Network, Equity Network for colleagues from ethnically diverse communities, and the Menopause Network, as well as plans to launch further networks and groups around Neurodiversity, Disability and Parents, each led by our people.

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Inclusive Recruitment

During the recruitment process we want to make sure that you bring your whole self and be at your best.

If there is anything that you would like us to know, or any support that you need then please email the Talent Acquisition team at [email protected] and we will be in touch.

During the application process, we will ask you if you would like to share your diversity data, we want you to feel comfortable sharing this information with us.

Why do you ask for diversity information?

This information helps Alzheimer’s Society to ensure that people from all backgrounds are represented. This directly supports the development of our diversity programs, helping us to make Alzheimer’s Society a more inclusive Charity.

Who will see the diversity information I share?

Any diversity information you choose to share with Alzheimer's Society will be treated as confidential. It will only be used for anonymous reporting purposes.

Will the Hiring Manager see my diversity information?

We will not share any diversity information you provide with the Hiring Manager, we have fair and inclusive recruitment practices here at Alzheimer’s Society.